COVID-19 Updates

July 2, 2020

Dear Angelique family,

This spring has been tremendously difficult for us and the entire Windjammer fleet.  Angelique is still under her winter cover, all dressed up with no place to go, waiting for the time when it is safe to sail. Sadly, after postponing the start of the season twice already, we feel that no point in the 2020 season will be that time.  We have decided to cancel the entire 2020 sailing season.

Many of you have sailed with us before, and you share our love and passion for sailing on Angelique.  She’s never missed a season, and all of your passion combined with our passion made the decision that much more difficult.

We did not take this decision lightly. We weighed many factors, agonizing over whether or not to run. Ultimately, it always came back to the safety of our guests, crew, and our community.

We helped craft the state guidelines for operating this season, but even with those guidelines in place, we feel we can’t ensure 100% safety for everyone.  In recent weeks, we have watched states and businesses reopen around the country and the ensuing spike in Covid19 cases that has followed.  We feel the biggest contribution we can make to halt the spread of this disease is to not sail.  It is out of love and caring for our crew and guests that we cannot in good conscious do what we love to do this year.  We were looking forward to introducing new guests to Angelique this year too, but we can wait until next year.  Not now does not mean not ever.

Please understand how heartbreaking this is for us.  We are disappointed that we will not see our Angelique family and we will not visit those magical, watery places this summer. The decision not to sail puts a burden on our lives personally, but we understand that this is bigger than us. We must do the responsible thing, first and foremost, and then have patience to wait until next year.

If you currently have reservations for 2020, first of all, thank you for holding out hope with us that we could sail this season.  Second, we are extending full credit for two years to anyone who wishes to take it, or a refund will be given if that is what you prefer. Furthermore, the credit is transferable to friends and family if you cannot use it yourself within two years.  We realize not everyone is in a position to take credit; but if you can, we are a small mom and pop business, and taking a credit for a future trip instead of a refund would really help the boat and our family get through this very tough year.  We are standing by via email or phone to answer questions, issue credits or refunds, and take new reservations for 2021.

Our 2021 sailing schedule is online –  You will see that we have held the line on rates for next year. If you have not booked this season due to the pandemic, please consider signing up now for a cruise in 2021.  Rest assured, Angelique will be ready to sail next summer.  We know you will be ready to go too. Thanks for your patience and understanding right now.

All our best to you and yours,

Captain Dennis and Candace