COVID-19 Updates

October 26, 2021

Dear Friends,

That’s a wrap on the 2021 season!  A big THANK YOU to everyone who sailed with us this past season and showed us your proof of vaccine or your negative test results.  It was an added step and we greatly appreciated your cooperation in making sure we sailed as safely as we could this year.  The vaccination rate among our guests was close to 98%!  Many cruises sailed with everyone vaccinated.  We sincerely hope our policy helped ease your mind when coming aboard this year and that you were able to relax and enjoy the sailing and scenery.

It was a fluid situation with COVID vaccines leading up to the 2021 season, and we set our COVID policy accordingly.  After sailing with majority vaccinated guests this year, we are setting our COVID policy heading into the 2022 sailing season at 100% vaccinated guests and crew.  Being up to date with the COVID vaccine will be a requirement of all guests in 2022.  This will be required of our youngest guests too.

With everyone on board vaccinated, next season we will be reverting back to our singles policy of pairing up roommates of the same gender in a cabin with bunks if the cruise gets full.  If a guest is not comfortable with possibly sharing the cabin, and space allows, a double occupancy cabin can be guaranteed a single with a single surcharge of 50% of the cruise fare.  For example, if the cruise costs $1,000 per person, the single surcharge will be an additional $500.

We will continue to use best cleaning practices for shared spaces on the boat as well as cleaning the cabins in between cruises.  Since COVID remains a community health concern, we will keep our cancellation policy of giving credit for up to a year if you are a vaccinated guest who becomes sick with COVID symptoms, contracts COVID, or is directly exposed to someone with COVID right before your cruise.  If the exposure was 5-7 days prior to your cruise date, we will ask you to get a negative test before boarding.

This is where our COVID policies stand now, heading into 2022.  If you do not plan to be fully vaccinated by the time you want to sail, please do not make a reservation now!  We could decide to change one or more of these policies based on current data at a later time. We will keep this page of our website updated with our current COVID policies. 

We hope to see you on board for another fun and safe sailing season!  2022 sailing schedule

All our best this winter,

Captain Dennis and Candace

June 8, 2021

Dear Friends and Shipmates,

As of May 24th, the state of Maine has retired all COVID prevention checklists for businesses.  This means that we can serve food buffet-style again and below decks when necessary.  We will continue to uphold a rigorous cleaning protocol onboard and have hand sanitizer and PPE readily available.

Maine has now exempted travelers from all states from entrance requirements; however, we are still requiring our guests to provide proof of vaccination OR get a negative test within 72 hours of boarding.  An overwhelming majority of guests are telling us they are vaccinated upon booking.  All of our crew are fully vaccinated.  We strongly encourage guests to be fully vaccinated if they are eligible to get the vaccination, but the alternative is to test prior to boarding. Rapid testing is acceptable, but does require an appointment. Our local Walgreens in Rockland, Maine continues to offer free testing. Here is a link to other testing sites in Maine.

Per the most recent US CDC and US Coast Guard updated guidance, guests aboard Angelique will not have to wear masks. However, individual businesses in the towns and villages that we visit can decide to require masks.  Guests should bring their masks, and we will have masks available on board also.

Our cancellation policy for 2021 stands as outlined below in the January 2021 update. Also, we will continue with our policy this year of not rooming single travelers together in a cabin if they do not know each other.

We sincerely hope this is the last COVID update we will have to post. We will continue to be mindful of CDC best practices and guidelines as we start to turn the corner on the pandemic.  As always, the safety of our guests, crew, and community is our priority.  We are available for questions anytime.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We are very grateful to be sailing this season!

Yours truly,

Captain Dennis and Candace

January 7, 2021 (UPDATED March 19)

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all! Like everyone else in this world, we are so ready to put 2020 behind us. We don’t know exactly what’s in store for 2021, but we DO know that we WILL be sailing Angelique once again, and we know our guests are as excited as we are!

With optimism in our hearts, we are encouraged by the progress being made in beating this virus. Heading into last summer, we were only just beginning to understand how this virus was transmitted and how helpful wearing a mask could be. Testing was slow and not offered to everyone. We made the decision to not sail.

Heading into this summer, we know so much more, and wearing a mask has become a regular part of life. We can also test more easily and readily, with quicker turnaround times for results. And, of course, the vaccines are approved and starting to be implemented. The big question heading into this coming sailing season is when will the masses be vaccinated and when can we go back to normal?

As we move ahead with sailing in 2021, we are optimistic that some of our guests will have received the vaccine by the time we sail, but some may not. Therefore, we must continue to abide by CDC guidelines and the guidelines set forth by the state of Maine for windjammers. You can read the full Maine Covid-19 checklist for charter boats here.

Much can, and probably will, change between now and May when we start sailing. We expect to have updated protocols from the State of Maine based on the most current information, and when we do, we will relay that information to you. This season, as with last season, our priority is the safety of guests, crew, and our community. We are committed to keeping abreast of the latest protocols. We want you to feel comfortable and safe with our procedures while aboard.

For 2021 (***Updated March 19 ***):

Per Maine’s latest guidelines in “Moving Maine Forward“, those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are EXEMPT from all travel requirements, regardless of their state of origin. At this time, guests who are not fully vaccinated by their sail date will have to get a negative COVID-19 test at least 72 hours prior to boarding, regardless of their state of origin. Maine now has rapid testing at the Portland airport and many Walgreens drug stores throughout the state. The Angelique crew will also be tested regularly until the time they are fully vaccinated. While it is not a requirement to be vaccinated to sail with us this season, we strongly encourage getting vaccinated for everyone’s safety.

We are limiting capacity on our cruises. What that capacity is on any given cruise will depend on how the cruise fills. As of now, we are not assigning berths in the same cabin to people who do not know each other.

Masks will not be required on deck or during meals, per our current state of Maine guidelines; however, wearing masks in certain situations, e.g. below decks, will still be required, until the time the state changes our operational guidelines.

We have modified our cancellation policy to be more forgiving of last minute changes of circumstance due to COVID-19. It now reads:

“When you book a cruise on Angelique, you are agreeing to our cancellation policy. All cancellations need to be in writing. Cancellations outside of 6 weeks from the cruise date will be given a refund minus a 3% handling fee. Cancellations made within 6 weeks of the cruise date will be issued a refund only if the berths can be filled.  If your berth can be filled, a refund will be issued minus a $50 administrative fee and a 3% handling fee.  For the 2021 season only, if the cancellation is within 6 weeks and is necessary due to COVID-19, we will issue a full credit to be used toward a cruise later in 2021 or in 2022. Credits are non-refundable.”

We welcome any questions or concerns via email, our website, FB messenger, or a phone call (contacts here). We are looking forward to welcoming guests on board again and getting back to sailing on the bay, cooking up lobster bakes on pristine Maine islands, and making memories to last a lifetime!

Be well and continue to be safe,

Captain Dennis and Candace

July 2, 2020

Dear Angelique family,

This spring has been tremendously difficult for us and the entire Windjammer fleet.  Angelique is still under her winter cover, all dressed up with no place to go, waiting for the time when it is safe to sail. Sadly, after postponing the start of the season twice already, we feel that no point in the 2020 season will be that time.  We have decided to cancel the entire 2020 sailing season.

Many of you have sailed with us before, and you share our love and passion for sailing on Angelique.  She’s never missed a season, and all of your passion combined with our passion made the decision that much more difficult.

We did not take this decision lightly. We weighed many factors, agonizing over whether or not to run. Ultimately, it always came back to the safety of our guests, crew, and our community.

We helped craft the state guidelines for operating this season, but even with those guidelines in place, we feel we can’t ensure 100% safety for everyone.  In recent weeks, we have watched states and businesses reopen around the country and the ensuing spike in Covid19 cases that has followed.  We feel the biggest contribution we can make to halt the spread of this disease is to not sail.  It is out of love and caring for our crew and guests that we cannot in good conscious do what we love to do this year.  We were looking forward to introducing new guests to Angelique this year too, but we can wait until next year.  Not now does not mean not ever.

Please understand how heartbreaking this is for us.  We are disappointed that we will not see our Angelique family and we will not visit those magical, watery places this summer. The decision not to sail puts a burden on our lives personally, but we understand that this is bigger than us. We must do the responsible thing, first and foremost, and then have patience to wait until next year.

If you currently have reservations for 2020, first of all, thank you for holding out hope with us that we could sail this season.  Second, we are extending full credit for two years to anyone who wishes to take it, or a refund will be given if that is what you prefer. Furthermore, the credit is transferable to friends and family if you cannot use it yourself within two years.  We realize not everyone is in a position to take credit; but if you can, we are a small mom and pop business, and taking a credit for a future trip instead of a refund would really help the boat and our family get through this very tough year.  We are standing by via email or phone to answer questions, issue credits or refunds, and take new reservations for 2021.

Our 2021 sailing schedule is online –  You will see that we have held the line on rates for next year. If you have not booked this season due to the pandemic, please consider signing up now for a cruise in 2021.  Rest assured, Angelique will be ready to sail next summer.  We know you will be ready to go too. Thanks for your patience and understanding right now.

All our best to you and yours,

Captain Dennis and Candace