Angelique, built in 1980, was modeled after a vessel of yesteryear. Amenities were included in her design to make life aboard more comfortable and enjoyable than they would have been in the late 19th century. One such amenity is the deckhouse salon – a lounge above deck. The deckhouse is completely protected from the weather with lots of windows and seating.

Angelique boasts 3 “heads” (bathrooms), 3 hot, fresh-water showers below deck, and 1 shower on deck. There is standing headroom in all 15 passenger cabins. Each well-ventilated, wood-floored cabin has its own fresh water sink, reading lights in both upper and lower bunks, and a generous supply of fresh towels, sheets and blankets. While Angelique’s cabins are not large, they are adequately sized,  the bunks are comfortable, and remember, you are spending 90% of your time outside your cabin on deck!

*For your safety and comfort while aboard, you must be able to climb ladders and step up and down a rise of 11″. Angelique has ladders, not stairs, to go from above decks to below decks, from the big boat to the small boats to go ashore, and to get into the top bunk.  All ladders have wide treads.

Accommodation Plan:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12: Lower and upper single berths.
A – Crew Quarters
B – Forward Passenger Compartment
C – Dining Room
D – Midship Passenger Compartment
E – Engine Room
F – Aft Passenger Compartment
G – Captain’s Cabin
H – Deck House
I – Galley

Click diagram to see images and descriptions of cabins below:

ship image