You are welcome aboard Angelique anytime after 5 p.m. on the first date of your cruise. Camden has a variety of restaurants where you can grab dinner that first night aboard.  If you are driving to the boat, Angelique’s all-inclusive rate includes free, secure parking.

Where Do We Go?

Each day under sail is a nautical adventure, the destination unknown. Our sailing grounds are Boothbay Harbor to Bar Harbor with thousands of islands and many protected bays in between. During the day, Angelique plows through the deep, blue water, a lighthouse standing on an isle in the far distance, while on occasion a porpoise or a seal plays tag with Angelique. Osprey and bald eagles soar overhead.  Before long, the bell rings and a lunch of homemade fish chowder, salad, and biscuits are being served on deck in the fresh breeze.

Windjammer Angelique makes her way with the prevailing winds and tides to a friendly, snug harbor or off an uninhabited island each evening.

Sailing Adventure

Your vacation begins with a night dockside in picturesque Camden Harbor allowing you to explore the shops and restaurants all within walking distance from our dock, and to purchase any last minute toiletries or beverages. The next morning, a hearty breakfast is served on board and Angelique leaves her berth in Camden’s inner harbor with the first tide.

We are often asked, what is there to do on the vessel? First and foremost, sailing! Feeling energetic? Take the helm! Set a sail! Furl a sail! Before we see port again, our friendly crew will have you grounded in the basics of blue water sailing. Just want to kick back and relax? That is fine too! Relax on deck reading a book or watch the ever-changing Maine coast, the play of light on water, the birds wheeling in our wake. The days are unscripted and spontaneous. The choice of how you spend your days under the spell of a sailing ship at sea is always yours.

There is plenty of time to go ashore and explore quiet Maine coastal villages and rugged granite, timber-topped islands. While at anchor in the late afternoon or in the morning, you may take Angelique’s rowboat or stand up paddleboards to explore the anchorage on your own. Or jump off the rail into the water for a refreshing swim! The dinner bell will call you in, and you can enjoy coffee and dessert as a Maine summer sunset ends the perfect sailing day, that giant, red ball of light slowly nestling behind the tall, stately pines.