Sail the Coast of Maine with us

Captain Dennis and Candace are the proud owners and operators of Windjammer Angelique

One of the biggest pleasures for us is sharing Angelique and the Maine coast with our guests. We never tire of watching people unwind over the course of a cruise. Angelique guests don’t seem to tire of sailing with us either. Every cruise is different and we have a large repeat following. Here’s a bit about us.

Dennis grew up in the mountains of Maine but fell in love with the ocean when he moved to the coast for college. In 1993 he began work on the Maine windjammers, first on smaller daysailers, then signing on as mate aboard Angelique. He held the position for 10 summers and worked as a boat builder during the winter months where he built a friendship sloop with all volunteers at a local sailing museum. After leaving Angelique, Dennis captained both schooners and yachts on the coast of Maine and beyond, racking up offshore miles on three trans-Atlantic trips. Stewarding Angelique is a dream come true.

Candace caught the sailing bug while a college student aboard the sail training vessel Corwith Cramer. After that semester, she knew that she had to learn more about sailing, which brought her to the windjammers (and to the guy she later married!). She sailed as mess cook, cook, and finally a deckhand aboard a windjammer and a daysailer. Candace is not originally from Maine, but Maine has a special place in her heart and she cannot imagine living anywhere else. Permanently establishing roots in South Thomaston in 2003, Candace started a successful pet care business, which she operated for 9 years, all the while sailing with Dennis and their dog Sadie recreationally on their 25′, then 32′, sloops. Candace feels very lucky that she gets to work with the person she trusts most in this world!

Malcolm is chief morale officer. He checks in with the crew frequently, just about every time Angelique is in port.  Malcolm comes aboard, circles the boat, plays and sings the “tractor song” for the crew on the piano, and then, heads up to the park to roll down the hill.

Candace runs the Angelique office and is the “voice on the phone” to help with your Angelique cruise plans. When you call 1-800-282-9989 for information or to book, you talk  directly to the owners of the vessel, Candace or Captain Dennis.

If you can’t join us aboard Angelique for a cruise this year but happen to be in the Camden area, please stop by Library Park at the Head of the Harbor to see why we and the crew are so proud of our vessel!